Eyeshare was founded in 2015 registered in US . We have been dedicated to creating a fashion contact brand that embodies beauty , confidence, elegance, independent and safety.With deep passion and rebellious spirit: to offer designer contacts at a revolutionary price.

Those years, colored contact lenses had begun to be popular in the Asian market, but the design was dull and monotonous, and most of the contacts were too large and unnatural to be worn in daily life. The most important is, the quality of contacts on the market was a mess. In 2015 . our Team of eyeshare went to the United States to investigate internationally renowned contact lens manufacturers and consulted many experts in this field. We have successfully developed a line of high-end comfortable colored contacts, while also being of exceptional quality and reasonably priced.which was very popular once it was launched. That’s how Eyeshare was born.

Eyeshare is the abbreviation of "Share beauty eye ". Eyes are the windows of the soul, We believe in the infinite possibilities of the colors in your eyes, and we hope you could see the world in adifferent way with our color contact lenses.You can feel better with different eye colors, designed to enhance your natural beauty, build more confidence and realize yourself. To be creative, emotive, transformative, together with.

Since the establishment ofthe brand.we have been strictly controlling the qualityof products and customer shopping experience.As a brand, we want to ensure the safety ofour customers’ eyes,all contacts have passed the FDA, CE & ISO!

We provide one of the largest ranges of colored contact lenses around the world including natural, party, cosplay, Halloween and many other classic series. Because of the business model “Own factory, own brand”, we pride ourselves on being wallet friendly and high quality approved, allowing you to find everything you need to complete your desired look.

During these years' development, Eyeshare is outstanding compared with many other contact lenses brands. Basing on delicate design, high quality and mature online store operation, Eyeshare is loved by more than millions of girls and boys worldwide.

Take action and grab your favorite contact lenses from Eyeshare right now.